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We support you from the very beginning of the project to the finish line

We’re see ourselves as a full-service provider for our customers, which means we’ll take care of all the tedious tasks around your transport so you don’t have to worry about customs and formalities either!

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Are you planning a company relocation and have questions about your machine transports?  

We are happy to answer your questions and plan your project with you.  

Project process of our full-service system

After sending your project request and having a first phone call with us, we offer you a specific consultation for your project. We’ll talk about your needs and concerns. Based on that, we go through several options and solutions and estimate the effort in order to build a fundament for budgeting. We’ll keep it absolutely transparent and show you the budget plan so you can decide on the next step. After setting the budget, you’ll receive an official offer in addition to a detailed service protocol, which will show our next steps throughout the project.
It requires a lot of experience and knowledge to relocate everything from small workshop equipment up to large machines and even entire industrial facilities. Chaotic dismantling leads to losing bolts, which might end up in disrupting the functionality after reassembly. Even a small setback can cause a lot of damage. That’s why proper project management and organized planning are crucial for the success of such a project – which are huge parts in our service package! And we take it a step further: we don’t only plan the process with all its details – we also create CAD studies and take care of a proper documentation from start to finish.

Now the mechanic part of your project begins. We mechanically and electrically dismantle your equipment and prepare it for further transport which includes cleaning and packing of the dismantled components. The final stage of the dismantling process it the cross transfer. That means we transfer the plant components from the former site to the embark point. Vollmert luckily owns all the required equipment to execute this step successfully.

If there’s a requirement of specific mechanics or fitters for dismantling certain types of plant, we will support to invite them for you so they can carry out the work.

In this phase, we take care of the entire loading process, the choice of the required transport mode (road, water, rail or air) with the associated execution, as well as any temporary storage. Additionally, we will also arrange customs clearance and the formalities of the transport to ensure that your transport is in legal compliance with all the relevant authorities!

The delivery phase is our original business. This is where all of our know-how in terms of machine handling, staff management and equipment come into play. For this step it’s important we’ve planned everything ahead properly to minimize potential risks due to local conditions. All plant and machine parts are unloaded and transported to the installation site using suitable transport technology. Now the machine parts are set up and adjusted.
This phase is the last step of your project. We take care of the electrical and mechanical reassembly and support you with manpower and equipment in the startup procedure. If the startup was successful and you’re happy with the results, the project is officially finished.

It’s up to you whether you’d like the full-service package or rather hire us for partial commissions. Regardless, we are always here for you to support you successfully realizing your ideas!

Our scope

  • Heavy haulage
  • Machinery transports
  • Air cushion transports
  • Plant relocations
  • Storage of heavy goods
  • Heavy load assemblies
  • One Day assembly
  • Machine assembly
  • Crane works
  • High-capacity transports

Frequently asked questions
We understand your concerns about such a big move

We’re sure you have lots of questions and we’re more than happy to answer them for you. Just click through our FAQ page or give us a call!

How far ahead should I plan my project with Vollmert?2022-05-10T11:47:19+02:00

In general, it’s always best to plan rather sooner than later. This way, Vollmert can prepare for difficult scenarios at an early stage to ensure an optimal process throughout the entire project. Proper project management is a key resource for our success. But don’t hesistate to contact us even for a last minute project. We’ll try our best to make it happen and get back to you as soon as possible!

Is everything going to be properly reinstalled?2022-05-10T11:52:56+02:00

Yes, reinstallation is part of our full-service package. To ensure functionality and safety of your reinstalled goods, it’s important to us to keep it organized throughout the entire process. That means, the Vollmert team member who dismantled a plant at your former location will also be the one reinstalling it at your new place. This approach might be a little more time consuming on our end, but allows us to minimize possible sources of error due to missing information or communication. Furthermore, training and supporting our employee’s education have always had high priority at Vollmert. It’s crucial to us that each and every one of our great team members are always up to date in their field.

Does Vollmert also deliver abroad?2022-05-10T11:53:24+02:00

Yes, absolutely! We’ve been working with several international companies on almost every continent (except Australia). We’re always excited to get to know different people and cultures!

How can Vollmert guarantee that nothing will break?2022-05-10T12:15:19+02:00

Of course, we do our best to make sure your goods remain in optimal condition throughout the process. This includes regular training of the staff, a flawless technical condition of the equipment we use and the personal responsibility of our employees. We’re proud to say that we keep our damage rate at a minimum in more than 35 years of operation.
On top of that, as a customer at Vollmert, every process is covered by insurance – from the initial brainstorming to the final reinstallation and test run. You can find the corresponding confirmations in the download area.

Storage of heavy goods

Vollmert now also has suitable storage areas, stocked with special lifting equipment to store items that are bulky and weigh many tons.

Do you have a question or would like to plan a project with us?

Just give us a call!

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