GETEC Hamburg

GETEC operates two natural gas-fired combined heat and power plants (CHP) in the Mümmelmannsberg housing estate in Hamburg’s eastern district of Billstedt, which generate heat and electricity for around 7,000 apartments and commercial units. In the future, both CHP units are to be downregulated if, due to strong winds, more electricity is generated in the north of Germany than can be transported south.

Whenever this is the case, a so-called power-to-heat (PtH) plant with a current capacity of five megawatts steps in and converts the electricity from renewable energies into emission-free district heating for heating and hot water in an electrode boiler. CHP units and PtH systems are coordinated with each other using intelligent control technology.

In order to be able to expand this concept even further, VOLLMERT replaced one of the two CHP units in a first step in June 2022 in order to realize a higher efficiency of the existing PtH plant.

In a further step, additional heat pumps will be installed in 2023 to expand the PtH system, before the second CHP unit is replaced by another new one in 2024.