Avacon Natur

VOLLMERT already took care of an installation of a CHP unit in Lüneburg several years ago. Since the client would like to use this CHP unit elsewhere now, we decided on replacing the old CHP with a new, much more powerful one. So VOLLMERT had another mission to accomplish! The only difference this time was the much more challenging dimensions and weight of the new CHP unit.

VOLLMERT was commissioned by a regional energy supplier in Lüneburg to install a new MWM block-type thermal power station with a weight of 55 tons in a listed building. The challenge was the installation position of the CHP unit being 2m below the installation level on a 40cm lower concrete foundation. To overcome this offset, the VOLLMERT team used a 4-point lifting scaffold with a maximum load capacity of 125 tons and a statically designed load-bearing scaffold. But before the actual placement could be carried out at the end of this exciting and challenging week, the required rail system in the basement first had to be laid out and leveled, onto which the portal towers were then placed. HEM 300 girders with a unit weight of 1.3 tons each, specially created for this project, were used as endcarriages. One of our partners then installed the load-bearing scaffold, which was designed as a travel lane with HEB 300 girders in the uppermost layer.

In the early morning of July 1, 2021, our partner Krandienst Schulz set up a telecrane, which was used to unload the engine and set it down in front of the entrance. The engine was pulled onto the load-bearing mast using hydraulic wire rope hoists, before taken over by the lifting mast and moved to its final position. After the load-bearing mast had been removed again, the CHP unit could be lowered to its final position.