Corporate Group Freudenberg

Even if the title “Fire, Earth, Water, Air”, which at first glance seems somewhat philosophical, may not necessarily fit together in a direct context with the difficult challenges of VOLLMERT’s clients, it has a very clear connection: it stands for an oversized lead glass window in the power plant of the company Freudenberg Service KG in Weinheim, which is implemented in the facade of their building.

VOLLMERT has already been involved in the planning of this project during the offer phase in April 2012. We’ve developed a suitable lifting and assembly concept during our local meeting with the client. A key component of this concept was a 600-ton crawler crane, which was used to unload and assemble the components. The local circumstances didn’t give us any other choice than using a crane for this project: On one hand, the heaviest component of the new plant with a weight of 65000 tons had to be lifted 60m above the roof. On the other hand, the crane was required to have the biggest possible surface pressure on the installation area, which was no issue thanks to the huge crawler tracks of this crane.

We could finally begin unloading and assembling after erecting the 600-ton crane for almost four days. Within another three days we managed to make sure that all components were in place so the client WULFF Husum was able to start with the final assembly of the plant at the same time. After the last lift, we’ve started dismantling the crane again, because we needed that crane for a bridge lift on the next construction site in the Black Forest the following week.

This is a prime example of how important precise project management and planning is to ensure a good workflow and satisfaction on all ends.